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1. The amount of feeding can be flexibly regulated according to the climate, water quality and also fish consuming problems. The feed insists on using the full-price substance feed produced by regular suppliers. It is required to utilize fixed-point baiting, construct a baiting table and observe the fish consuming situation in time.

2. Focus on water top quality modification, frequently replenish new water, generally as soon as every 7 to 10 days. Regularly switch on the aerator to perturb the sludge at the bottom of the fish pond to promote sludge disintegration. Stirring is best at twelve noon on sunny days. Stirring need to be stopped when the climate is warm as well as the atmospheric pressure is low.

How To Stop Fish Diseases

3. When transferring fish fry out of the fish pond, mechanical damage must be prevented as long as possible. When selecting and buying fry, pick fry that are robust, active as well as of neat specifications. Sanitation ought to be performed prior to going into the pond. Usually, physiological saline or potassium permanganate remedy must be utilized to sanitize before going into the swimming pool.

3. Clean the bottom of fish ponds on a regular basis, every 10 to 15 days, relying on the condition of the pond. Keep a great fish pond environment that does not supply a setting for bloodsuckers to live in. Effectively protects against parasites from increasing.

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