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Aquafeed made by floating fish feed making machine is a bait specially provided for the breeding of aquatic animals.

  • According to feeding species, aquatic feed can be divided into fish feed, shrimp feed and crab feed;
  • According to feed characteristics, it can be divided into compound feed, concentrated feed and premixed feed.

The raw materials of aquafeed production by floating fish feed making machine are mainly composed of fish meal, grain raw materials and oil, and fish meal and grain raw materials often account for more than 50% of the feed cost.

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The aquaculture floating feed extruder machine uses the unequal distance non-standard screw system of the floating fish feed making machine to extrude, and the gas in the material is discharged and quickly filled with the material.

With the friction between the stack and the chamber, the material is fully mixed, squeezed, heated, glued and gelatinized by floating fish feed extruder, resulting in tissue changes, the original structure is destroyed, and the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy through the friction of the material in the chamber, so that the material becomes a gel state with flowing properties.

When the material is extruded to the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure to normal pressure instantaneously, and from high temperature to normal temperature instantaneously, causing the moisture to quickly evaporate from the tissue structure, causing it to form inside. Numerous microporous structures, and then through the cutting device, cutting and cooling, that is, puffing and forming.

1. Process of floating fish feed making machine

Crushing of raw materials → preparation of raw materials (corn meal, soybean meal meal, starch, fish meal, etc.) → mixer → conveying line → twin-screw feed extruder → conveying → drying equipment (electric oven, gas fuel oven or steam oven) → oil injection → Double barrel seasoning system→cooling conveyor line→crushing→screening→warehouse→packing machine

This floating fish feed making machine production line can produce aquarium feed pellets such as catfish, grass carp, crucian carp, tilapia, tropical ornamental fish, soft-shelled turtle and bullfrog.

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2. Features of floating fish feed making machine

The floating fish feed making machine is used in the production of floating fish feed and tropical ornamental fish feed. The feed has a long suspension time and is not easy to disperse.

  •  By adjusting the floating fish feed making machine process and technical parameters such as raw materials, temperature, moisture, etc., the product has the characteristics of novel style, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicateness. It is applied to the taste of different fish species, and the suspension time is about 20 hours.
  • The floating fish feed making machine is small in size, high in output, low in energy consumption, simple and convenient in operation, and low in failure rate and maintenance rate, thus greatly reducing maintenance costs
  • Compared with the twin-screw floating fish feed making machine, the triple-screw has 2 more intermeshing extrusion and curing zones, which is equivalent to three sets of twin-screw, with more shearing times, good homogenization, curing, and puffing, and has a wide range of trial materials and a wide operating range.
  • Three-screw floating fish feed extruder machine extruding cavity, strong mixing ability, uniform pressure, uniform and stable pellets, can meet the requirements of new materials for continuous improvement of mixing effect.
floating fish feed making machine

3. Composition of floating fish feed making machine line

The floating fish feed making machine line process generally includes raw material receiving and cleaning equipment, conveying equipment, crushing equipment, batching equipment, mixing equipment, floating fish feed pellet mill, puffing equipment, liquid spraying equipment, ventilation and dust removal equipment, packaging equipment and central control system.

(1) Feed grinder for floating fish

Suitable for the crushing of grain, straw and rhizome; suitable for the crushing of medium and low hardness materials, and can crush granular materials such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, and cakes. Feeding; it can also crush grass, dry weeds, sweet potato seedlings, peanut seedlings, corn stalks, dry grain stalks, bean stalks and other medium and low hardness straws.

Generally, corn kernels of about 2mm-5mm can meet the needs of most people. If the straw is used as feed pellets, it can be processed with a 3mm-8mm screen.

 If you want to feed pigs, cattle and sheep directly after crushing, you can choose a 15mm-30mm screen; this crusher is an ideal, effective and economical equipment for small and medium-sized rural pig farms, professional pig farmers and auxiliary processing households.

The hammer mill for floating fish feed making machine line has compact and reasonable structure, small volume, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable rotation, reliable sealing, no dust pollution, good self-cooling function, convenient disassembly and maintenance, simple installation and convenient replacement. damaged parts.

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Generally, hammer mills for floating fish feed making machine line are manufactured according to national standards, and standard parts are also used. If parts are damaged, parts of the same specification can be purchased and replaced, keeping maintenance costs well under control.

(2) Feeding screw elevator

The screw elevator for floating fish feed making machine line is a closed conveying equipment, which can convey horizontal, inclined, vertical, long-distance and short-distance conveying; during the conveying process, it can effectively avoid environmental pollution caused by overflow and dust.

Large size, high precision, good conveying conditions, and can be combined and placed at will according to the working conditions, flexible and changeable, can be directly connected and fixed with its supporting equipment, no foundation is required, and the space can be fully utilized. 

The crushed forage or grain can be sent directly to The required position can directly replace manual handling, saving time and effort and high efficiency. It is an indispensable equipment for continuous processing.

(3) Feed mixer

Mixing equipment for floating fish feed making machine line is also one of the indispensable mechanical equipment in animal husbandry. The traditional stirring method is to manually pile the materials into piles, interspersed with left and right to cover and stir.

This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive. For powder additives, the mixing is not uniform, and the feeding is compared with the traditional method, the mixer has the following advantages: short mixing time, continuous work, low energy consumption, diverse functions, and more uniform mixing.

It can be directly stirred to feed hay to concentrate, or it can be mixed with water. When the stirring device for floating fish feed making machine line is working, the inner screw drives the material close to the axis to rotate the axis, the axial direction is pushed from the inside to both sides, and the outer screw drives the material close to the cylinder wall.

The material rotates around the shaft, and the shaft is pushed from both sides to the inside. The mixture can be mixed uniformly in a short time.

(4) Fish feed floating pellet making machine

For animal husbandry, it is temporary to smash the material and feed it directly. If the forage is insufficient in winter, it will not work, but directly storing the forage will take up a lot of space, because the straw forage is fluffy and takes up a lot of space.

If you don’t take precautions, it will become a breeding ground for rodents, waste food, and spread diseases. The birth of floating fish feed making machine solved this big problem. The pressure between the two forces the cylindrical pellets out.

Feed pellets generally have different formulas, which are roughly composed of 50% forage, 30% refined grain, 10% wheat bran, 10% soybean meal and a small amount of additives. After stirring, add a small amount of water, and the overall water content of the material accounts for about 15%, which can be processed by a floating fish feed making machine.

 During processing, heat is increased due to forced pressurization to reduce bacteria and parasites. After the finished product is slightly dry, it can be bagged and sealed.

The fish feed pellets processed by the floating fish feed pellet making machine are smooth and round, with good color and moderate hardness. The compound feed is formulated with a variety of raw materials, which are rich in nutrients and can avoid animals being picky eaters; the raw materials are controlled automatically, reducing costs, increasing nutrition, safe use and better digestion.

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